HAWK - mod. HFR Piston Pumps
Leuco Spa is leader in design and production of Hawk cold-pressure washers, specific washing equipments created to satisfy Australian market requests and needs.

Cold-water pressure washers made by Hawk for Australian professional uses are the ideal solution to be chosen for all contexts where you can not use hot water, such as in food businesses where all restrictive regulations do not allow high temperatures. For this reason the use of alternative solutions enable you to get the maximum clean in compliance with Australian regulations, in order to respect the environment and to ensure the control of emissions of pollutants.

Hawk offers a complete range of cold water high pressure washers developed to meet the different needs of Australian customers who require professional products for continuous uses too burdensome. Leuco Spa have developed pressure washers designed specifically for the Australian market to be completely independent from external energy sources ensuring efficiency and practicality.

Cold-water pressure washers are a valid product for technical features, power and capability and for this reason can be used for different applications. The cold-water pressure cleaners are commonly used by Australian customers in car wash, in shipyards to scrape, remove and hydrosand, construction cleaning fa├žades or for cleaning vehicles and boats and food industry for cleaning on all surfaces.

Cold-water high pressure cleaners are certainly the best choice for all Australian industries because they assure lower investment cost compared to hot water high-pressure washers, a net reduction of working time and regulatory compliance and environmental protection.

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