HAWK - mod. HFR Piston Pumps
Leuco S.p.A. is a company that designs and manufactures Hawk high pressure piston pumps for industrial cleaning; Hawk realized several years ago high pressure piston pumps and accessories for pumps for the Australian market. These Hawk’s products are considered the best industrial high-pressure pumps in the cleaning industry.

High pressure piston pumps are manufactured by Hawk especially for Australian industries, according to the highest standards of construction: design and construction of motor pumps according to principles of simplicity in order to meet the requests of Australian customers, according to the different industrial and professional needs use of steels and heat treatments of the highest quality for the realization of the main mechanical components.

Hawk high pressure piston pumps are manufactured for the Australian market to be used for machinery for different uses such as feeding of machines for coating and impregnation of tissue papers and films, textile finishing and textile printing, the field of adhesives and stickers, in the paper, flexible packaging; in the electrical and electronics; in the production of composite materials and thermosetting materials; in the processing of wood and plywood; chemical and petrochemical industries for the transfer of products from the stems; in the manipulation of intermediates for some processes of production of food.

For the specific constructive characteristics, Hawks high pressure piston pumps can ensure high performance both in terms of reliability and durability. Every component of the world-class Hawk high pressure piston pumps are engineered, crafted and tested to exceed the rigorous demands of the Australian cleaning industry.

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