HAWK - mod. HFR Piston Pumps
The company Leuco Spa is leader in the production of particular products high-pressure pumps ideal for all industrial applications in Australian market. Leuco Spa since 1979, sells high-pressure pumps to international companies of all sectors of industrial, agricultural and agri-food; the company manufactures and supplies pumps, pistons and accessories for environmental cleaning in all the sectors of industries, agricolture and communities in Australia.

HAWK High-pressure pumps and accessories can be used in a multitude of applications in the Australian industrial sector: for industrial tanks washing, food, tankers and containers for waste; of agricultural machinery, cold and hot pressure washers for washing vehicles, earth moving machinery, ships, and planes.

Leuco SpA manufactures many models of high pressure plunger pumps and accessories especially for industrial cleaning in Australia with brand HAWK, famous worldwide for the reliability of the product and efficiency in ensuring the supply of all the accessories and even the spare parts for high-pressure pumps for industrial applications.

All the high pressure pumps specifically manufactured by Hawk for the Australian market are of great quality and solidity, to meet customer needs in time, even in cases of specific requests, ensuring fast deliveries and timely assistance, even in case of urgent requests. The Quality System of Leuco S.p.A. complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001 and 2004 Leuco SpA became part of the Group Karcher, the world's leading manufacturer of equipment for cleaning, giving even more prestige to the high-pressure pumps for industrial use brand Hawk.

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