HAWK - mod. HFR Piston Pumps
Thanks to the manufacturing for the Australian market of Hawk high-pressure pumps for various industrial and professional uses and different depending on the needs of customers, with continuous research and adoption of innovative materials, the company Leuco Spa has become a landmark in the field of piston pumps high pressure.

Leuco Spa for 30 years has engaged in the manufacturing of high pressure pumps and accessories for industrial cleaning branded HAWK, a label that is distributed for the Australian market and has been for years a symbol of quality and efficiency.

Due to a global supply of the industrial washing pumps, Leuco Spa is aware of how important it is to the actual satisfaction of its Australian clients. Thanks to the flexibility in manufacturing of high-pressure pumps and organizational speed, the company is able to ensure quick delivery of Hawk pumps in Australia and satisfy even the most urgent requests.

Hawk assures the production of high-pressure pumps that can be adapted to a multitude of applications for all the Australian industries including: the cleaning of environments in industry and agriculture, washing containers, industrial tanks, in car washes, containers of waste, for the treatment of the surfaces, the treatment of hulls of boats, stripping of walls of buildings and the like, for the humidification of environments and the cleaning of conduits and sewers.

Every single component of industrial pumps HAWK and all the accessories for the high-pressure pumps are conceived, designed and above all tailored manufactured to meet and exceed even the most demanding requirements of the Australian market.

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